A New Day …

A New Day Is On The Horizon

The cold days of winter are upon us. The dawn of a New Year is almost in sight. Every year at this time we go through a period of reflection. We reflect on the year that was and we make resolutions for the upcoming year.

For me, this past year certainly presented some challenges. I went through several surgeries. I had many disappointments. But I also had some great moments. I rediscovered my passion. My ‘Believe In Yourself’ tour was a great success. I traveled to many wonderful cities. I met some incredible and inspiring individuals. When I see the smiling faces from the many hospitals that I visited, I can only feel good about what I have been doing. My training reached phenomenal levels and I am excited and focused for my upcoming 2014 running season.

I also learned a great deal about myself this past year. I learned that I am not only physically but mentally strong. I learned that I have a wonderful network of friends and family that I could count on. Especially during dark times. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the positive energy. I also learned that there are a great deal of people out there that evoke bad energy. No matter how nice you are to them, they usually have nothing good to say about you when you are not around – only negativity. These types of people are not worth your time and energy. The great thing about life is that YOU can decide who you want and don’t want in your life. Stay away from people that are negative. Socialize with only those that are positive. You will accomplish more and your life will be better for it.

Some us will make resolutions for the upcoming year. If it is for the positive – that is good. The reality is that we should strive to be healthy, fit and nutritionally conscious – 365 days of the year. Try to be a good person everyday. Strive to become better. Be nice, respectful and appreciative to those that are and have been good to you. Realize that truly good souls are far and few between in your life. When you meet them, hang on to them. If you see someone at a crosswalk who was very generous and good to you, smile and wave to them. It’s good for the heart. Engage conversation. Be happy that they graced your life. Show them your appreciation. Communication is also good for the soul. Unfortunately, with the advent of multi-media and phone texting, many people have lost the art of proper communication. Try talking to someone instead of texting, you might learn something new about them as well as yourself.

For 2014 ‘The Believe In Yourself World Tour’ will be visiting many new and exciting locations. My love for this planet, conservation and animals will be the focus of my tour. Life can truly be amazing. Many people go through life only existing. Do not make that mistake. We are only here for a short time – enjoy life to the fullest.

Click the link below to ‘Celine Dion’s – A New Day Has Come’. It is a perfect start to a New Year. I had the good fortune of seeing Celine Dion in Las Vegas a few years back. She was truly incredible. I was deeply moved by her voice and truly proud to be a Canadian that night.

Whatever your situation, I hope that the dawn of a New Year brings you success and the realization of your dreams. Always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF … Stay focused, stay strong, stay positive and remember that when you wake up on January 1, 2014 – A NEW DAY HAS COME … HAPPY NEW YEAR!


CELINE DION – A New Day Has Come


A New Day Has Come



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