Are You Still Not Convinced? … Here Are Some Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For You!

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What is exercise? Exercise is also known as physical activity. In simple terms exercise is any movement that works your body at a greater intensity than your usual level of daily activity. Exercise raises your heart rate, works your muscles and is commonly undertaken to achieve the aim of physical exercise.


How can exercise help you?


Exercise can help you in a variety of ways. Here are some reasons why everyone should enjoy the benefits of exercise:


Helps elevate your mood ….. Builds self esteem ….. Keeps your mind and body fit ….. Boosts your immune system ….. Reduces stress ….. Improves skin tone and color ….. Has anti-ageing effects ….. Improves sleeping patterns ….. Helps prevent strokes ….. Improves joint function ….. Improves muscular strength ….. Alleviates anxiety ….. Sharpens memory ….. Helps to control addictions ….. Boosts productivity ….. Boosts creative thinking ….. Improves body image ….. Gives you confidence ….. Helps keep you focused in life ….. Improves eating habits ….. Increases longevity ….. Strengthens your bones …. Strengthens your heart ….. Improves posture ….. Prevents colds ….. Improves appetite ….. Improves cholesterol levels ….. Lowers (risks) of certain cancers ….. Lowers high blood pressure ….. Fights dementia ….. Eases back pain ….. Lowers risk of diabetes ….. Decreases osteoporosis risk ….. Reduces feelings of depression ….. Prevents muscle loss ….. Helps with self-control ….. Increases energy and endurance ….. Increases sports performance ….. Lessens fatigue ….. Increases pain resistance ….. Improves balance and coordination ….. Improves oxygen supply to cells ….. Improves concentration ….. Increases sex drive ….. Makes life more exciting ….. Improves your QUALITY OF LIFE …..


Set Some GoalsYes!!


It is quite clear to see how exercise can help everyone. Now it’s time for everyone to get moving! To find a suitable level of exercise for your body, start gently and slowly increase the intensity and the length of time that you exercise for. Know your limitations. Exercise should challenge your body and be at a greater intensity than your usual level of physical activity. Don’t overdue it because you may suffer in the morning for it. However, don’t be shy about getting hot and sweaty for your workouts. Your aim should be to gradually increase your activity levels over time. As your body adapts to meet the new challenges that you set for it, your routine will become easier. When it gets easier it is time to increase the exercise intensity or try something new. Choose a type of exercise that you will enjoy, that way you are more likely to continue doing it on a regular basis. Whether it is walking, running, swimming, yoga or any other activity – just go out and DO IT! Personally, ever since I have begun my extensive training regime, I look forward to running in the rain and other nasty elements. It must be my TOUGH MUDDER experience coming through. I have some of my best times when no one else would dare go outside. Believe it or not, that is where I find my peace. The key is to find something that you enjoy doing and follow your passion. Remember, you don’t only live once – you live everyday – you only die once. We all have every reason to exercise. Live life to the fullest. Always ‘Believe In Yourself’. Have faith that you can do it and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.



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