Sometimes … You Have To Learn To Be Tough


We’ve all been there. We meet people in our lives that bring us happiness and we also meet those that bring us sadness. Life is a learning experience. Sometimes, we have to learn how to avoid those individuals that are simply not good for us. It’s important to treat everyone that we meet with the utmost of respect. All that you should expect, is respect in return. Friendships should be a two way street. If you find yourself doing everything in a friendship, that person does not deserve to be in your life. The same goes for intimate relationships. Your partner should also be your best friend. If he or she is not – they will never truly appreciate and respect who you are. However, you never know what is going on in a person’s life. Don’t be to quick to judge. Never be afraid to give them the chance to smarten up. A true test is when your own life does not go as planned and you are either suffering from an illness or having a tough time. Those that are TRUE friends will be there for you – no matter what the circumstances are. They do not judge who you are, they are only there to support you.

Sometimes … You have to learn to be tough. Who cares what a ‘negative’ person says or does. If someone wants to be disrespectful to you and talk behind your back – who cares! Pray for them. The only reason that they do it when you are not around is due to FEAR. Their own fear. They are only hiding from their own insecurities. Surround yourself with ‘positive’ people. They will help you grow both emotionally and spiritually.


Here are some guidelines that may help you become both emotionally strong and mentally tough:


–            Don’t ever beg for attention

–            Never allow others to bring you down

–            Don’t hold grudges

–            Never stop doing your own thing

–            Never stop believing in yourself

–            Be careful of who you let into your life

–            Never be afraid to love

–            Never lie in bed dreading the day ahead of you

–            Don’t ever be afraid of slowing down

–            Don’t ever do anything that you don’t want to do

–            Never have a problem saying ‘NO’

–            Always remember to give back

–            Don’t ever feel the need to ‘fit in’

–            Remember that happiness is a decision – YOUR DECISION!


Yes, sometimes … you have to learn to be tough. Also, you have to become smarter. Keep your circle tight. Only allow those that care and respect you into your life. You will be much happier for it. As long as you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – anything and everything is possible … You just have to be patient and find what you are looking for …


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We All Have A Destiny …

Approaching Mount Kili


We all have a destiny. Do you believe that? … You really can’t appreciate life until it has knocked you down a few times … You can’t really begin to appreciate love until your heart has been broken … and you can’t really begin to appreciate happiness until you’ve known sadness … Once you’ve walked through the valley, the view from the mountaintop is breathtaking … We all have a destiny … You just have to have the courage to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF in order to find it …


“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.” – JOEL OSTEEN 



Sometimes, You Have To Dig Deep …


Is the winter getting you down? Do you find yourself swearing out loud in frustration? Don’t worry, you are not alone. As the temperature drops, so does our activity level and our exposure to the mood enhancing Vitamin D. This leaves us open to experiencing the winter blues. However, for some, the winter blues take on a different meaning as they battle a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. If at any time you ever feel that your depressed moods are seriously affecting your life, please consult with your Physician for assistance and proper diagnosis.

SAD is a mental health condition affecting between two and six percent of Canadians. The figures are probably higher because most people do not report that their mood is adversely affected by the long, cold winter months.


*    Fatigue, decreased motivation

*    Increase in sleep

*    Feelings of hopelessness

*    Anxiety

*    Social withdrawal

*    Decrease in physical activity

*    Weight gain

*   Changes in appetite

*   Difficulty concentrating

Believe In Yourself - Wristband


You don’t have to suffer … IT’S TIME TO SNAP OUT OF IT!! … Let’s fight off those blues …

Whether you are diagnosed with SAD, or are simply trying to fight off the winter blues, there are many things that you can do to help yourself. In fact, regularly engaging in these activities is not only sound self-help measures, but may also help prevent the development of more serious mental issues.

–    Engage in regular physical activity. Exercise sends endorphins to the brain that activate pleasure. Regular physical activity has been shown to elevate serotonin levels, one of the hormones in your brain responsible for mood.

–    Go outside. Not only will the fresh air be invigorating, the Vitamin D from the sun on your face will help boost your mood.

–    Spend time with friends. Laughter and emotional connections with others can help to stave off feelings of sadness and depression. Laughter also naturally boosts production of the hormone serotonin. The benefits will help you in the long run.

–    Get a massage. Not only is a massage good for your muscles, it is also good for your soul. Touch activates serotonin and will naturally boost your mood. It can also help decrease feelings of anxiety and pain management.

–    Recall positive thoughts or memories. Remember, spring is just around the corner. This will help boost your mood. Try to avoid all negativity as  this will lead to depressing thoughts.

The bottom line is that when winter is here, we have to deal with it the best that we can. Always dress warmly and try to stay physically active. Remember, the body that you shape in the winter will be the one that you present in the spring. Why not spend the time to get in the best shape that you can – NOW? …  Focus on that. It will help you stay driven to succeed as well as help the winter months go by … Sometimes, you have to dig deep inside yourself … Find that inner strength. You can do it. You have what it takes. Stay positive. Before you know it, spring will be here … Always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and appreciate those around you who love and respect you for who you are …

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Remember … Seconds Count


You never know what your day will bring or what you may have to face … Imagine you wake up one morning … Everything seems normal … You begin your routine and then start your day. As the day goes on you find yourself being delayed by circumstances beyond your control. The weather is bad. Traffic is gridlock. You shake your head in frustration as you become late for meetings and appointments. What if this is just part of the plan in your path in the universe? One minute early or one minute late can have situations go in either a positive or negative way. When it is for the positive we perceive it to be – “Being in the right place at the right time.” Such was the case for me this past week …

The day started off perfectly. I had a nice breakfast and was anxious to do my regular training routine at the University Of Toronto – Mississauga. The weather was frigid and it was snowing. Road conditions were horrible. As the day progressed, it was obvious that several of my meetings and errands were going to be delayed.

As I entered a local shopping mall later that evening (about two hours later than planned) I was unaware of the circumstances that were about to unfold. I noticed a commotion going on with two individuals screaming and waving their hands frantically. As I approached, I noticed a third individual that was lying on the ground. What shocked me was the number of people walking by and doing nothing! What if that was your relative? Your friend? Your loved one? Was it simply ignorance or just the fear of not knowing what to do? Having spent most of my life involved with emergency services, it is incredible to experience the gamut of emotions that overcome you within a split second. Even as a trained professional, there is a brief moment of hesitation. Then, your training kicks in. Remember … Seconds count … I quickly initiated the emergency response by first identifying myself as a trained first responder. I asked the two individuals that were frantic, some quick questions about the person on the ground. I instructed an individual offering assistance to call 911 as well as security to inform them that there was an emergency occurring requiring immediate medical attention. I quickly did a patient assessment and determined that the 40 year old female was not breathing and had no detectable pulse. My greatest fears were being realized – the woman was experiencing ‘Cardiac Arrest’.

Cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack. a heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the heart is slowed or stopped because of a blockage. In the case of a heart attack, the heart continues to beat. Cardiac arrest may have a variety of causes including heart disease, drowning, stroke, electrocution, suffocation, drug overdose or injury.


Signs of cardiac arrest include:

–    sudden collapse

–    sudden unresponsiveness to touch or sound and

–    abnormal or no breathing


I quickly initiated CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) which is an emergency procedure that can restore blood flow to someone suffering cardiac arrest, keeping the victim alive until advanced medical care arrives. It involves a series of properly timed and administered breaths and compressions. When the heart stops beating in cardiac arrest, it no longer pumps blood to the body. The brains and organs can be seriously damaged without oxygen and nutrients from blood and the person can die within minutes if not treated immediately. CPR can help maintain blood flow and ventilation in a victim of cardiac arrest for a short period.

After what seemed like an eternity, the paramedics finally arrived. It was refreshing to see that one of them recognized me from my gym training and firefighting profession. I felt proud. They took over after I gave them a quick synopsis. They were very appreciative. I walked away consoling the two family members feeling exhausted and slightly frazzled. No matter how many times that I have experienced these types of situations in my professional as well as personal life – you always leave feeling mentally drained. In my heart, I felt that I did the best that I could and that the patient would survive.  Later that evening, I received a call from one of the paramedics indicating that the patient was indeed going to survive. Upon examination at the hospital it was determined that the woman had an underlying condition that she was not aware of … After a day involving delays and unforseen circumstances – the universe placed the young female and I in the same paths for a reason … For her, I was in “the right place at the right time”… I am thankful for that …


What Can You Do?


Most cardiac arrests occur in homes and public places, and many are witnessed by a family member, co-worker or friend. The survival rate of cardiac arrest is very low. Get CPR training if you don’t already have it. Contact your local HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION or ST. JOHN’S AMBULANCE for training courses and available times. You will never regret it. When I was instructing courses several years back I would tell all my students that: “CPR and FIRST AID courses are something that everyone should have – but I hope that you never have to use it.”

Never be afraid to get involved … If you ever run into a life threatening situation and you don’t know what to do – at least call 911 – help will be on the way. The emergency responders will be en route. If you see someone in distress – STOP! It could be a relative, a friend or a loved one – or one day it may even be you! … Never be afraid to get involved … ‘Believe In Yourself’ and what you can do … Remember, seconds count …

All Is Good





A New Day …

A New Day Is On The Horizon

The cold days of winter are upon us. The dawn of a New Year is almost in sight. Every year at this time we go through a period of reflection. We reflect on the year that was and we make resolutions for the upcoming year.

For me, this past year certainly presented some challenges. I went through several surgeries. I had many disappointments. But I also had some great moments. I rediscovered my passion. My ‘Believe In Yourself’ tour was a great success. I traveled to many wonderful cities. I met some incredible and inspiring individuals. When I see the smiling faces from the many hospitals that I visited, I can only feel good about what I have been doing. My training reached phenomenal levels and I am excited and focused for my upcoming 2014 running season.

I also learned a great deal about myself this past year. I learned that I am not only physically but mentally strong. I learned that I have a wonderful network of friends and family that I could count on. Especially during dark times. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the positive energy. I also learned that there are a great deal of people out there that evoke bad energy. No matter how nice you are to them, they usually have nothing good to say about you when you are not around – only negativity. These types of people are not worth your time and energy. The great thing about life is that YOU can decide who you want and don’t want in your life. Stay away from people that are negative. Socialize with only those that are positive. You will accomplish more and your life will be better for it.

Some us will make resolutions for the upcoming year. If it is for the positive – that is good. The reality is that we should strive to be healthy, fit and nutritionally conscious – 365 days of the year. Try to be a good person everyday. Strive to become better. Be nice, respectful and appreciative to those that are and have been good to you. Realize that truly good souls are far and few between in your life. When you meet them, hang on to them. If you see someone at a crosswalk who was very generous and good to you, smile and wave to them. It’s good for the heart. Engage conversation. Be happy that they graced your life. Show them your appreciation. Communication is also good for the soul. Unfortunately, with the advent of multi-media and phone texting, many people have lost the art of proper communication. Try talking to someone instead of texting, you might learn something new about them as well as yourself.

For 2014 ‘The Believe In Yourself World Tour’ will be visiting many new and exciting locations. My love for this planet, conservation and animals will be the focus of my tour. Life can truly be amazing. Many people go through life only existing. Do not make that mistake. We are only here for a short time – enjoy life to the fullest.

Click the link below to ‘Celine Dion’s – A New Day Has Come’. It is a perfect start to a New Year. I had the good fortune of seeing Celine Dion in Las Vegas a few years back. She was truly incredible. I was deeply moved by her voice and truly proud to be a Canadian that night.

Whatever your situation, I hope that the dawn of a New Year brings you success and the realization of your dreams. Always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF … Stay focused, stay strong, stay positive and remember that when you wake up on January 1, 2014 – A NEW DAY HAS COME … HAPPY NEW YEAR!


CELINE DION – A New Day Has Come


A New Day Has Come



Ho Ho Ho!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!! … Santa understands why it is important to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF … He was very busy last night … If you have been ‘Good’ this year – Bravo! If You have been ‘Bad’ (and YOU know who you are) – Smarten Up! … Merry Christmas To Everyone!! … Remember those that may be less fortunate than you and help them if you can. It’s good for the heart and soul … Always Believe …


Always Appreciate … Always Give Thanks …

Always Ready



Run by my side. Live in my heartbeat.

Give strength to my steps.

As the cold surrounds, as the wind pushes me,

I know you surround me.

As the sun warms me, as the rain cleanses me,

I know you are touching me, challenging me, loving me.

So I give you this run.

Thank you for matching my stride.

Thank you for believing in me.

Always appreciate … Always give thanks.

I will never give up.

I will always finish what I start.

Because I believe …

You will always be with me.


Where There’s A Will … There’s A Way

On Top


We have all been there. We have a dream. Something that we wish to do. Somewhere that we want to go. How do we begin? Is it possible? … Most people never realize their dreams because they are to afraid to start. Possibly, they fear success. If you want it bad enough, no matter what it is, you will find a way.

To realize any dream you have to start somewhere. You have to come up with a plan.


THINK    +    START    +    FINISH    =    ACHIEVEMENT


THINK – The first stage is to think. What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? What’s that one thing that you’ve been dreaming of doing for years? All great things start with an idea. Whether you know it or not, you have ideas, goals and dreams inside of you that are just waiting to be discovered. Nothing is achieved without first developing a thought or an idea. Even if you feel stuck or are not sure what you want from life, your job is to THINK for just a few minutes a day. Coming up with new ideas and goals can be a great deal of fun, but because it’s easy and takes little effort, this is where most people stop. To achieve, you can’t stop here, you must continue to the next stage …

START – The next stage is to start. It’s time to set your goals and ideas in motion. This is a critical step because it requires action in order to turn the ethereal into the tangible. If your goal is to start a business, at some point you need to get it out of your head, put it on paper and take action. If you want to start an exercise program, it’s time to take your running shoes out of the closet and START exercising. The START stage can be exciting because the release of all of your energy into action can be euphoric. For the first time in maybe a very long time you may feel a sense of direction and accomplishment, but important as it is to START, it’s not enough. In order to reach your goals you must complete the next stage …

FINISH – The final stage is to finish. This is where champions are made, goals are reached and lives are enriched. When you FINISH whatever you have started you have converted an idea’s potential energy into kinetic energy. Most people START, but very few FINISH. Anyone can be a starter, but you must have the strength and desire to be a finisher. A finisher separates the winners from those that wish they could.

Not convinced? If you trace back all of your proudest accomplishments, you’ll find they all started with a thought, which lead to action, which lead to ACHIEVEMENT … Want to be a dreamer? THINK. Want to be a doer? START. Want to be an achiever? FINISH … Where there’s a will … There’s a way … When you ‘Believe In Yourself’, there is nothing that you cannot do …


The Start Of Training For 2014



Life … No One Said That It Was Easy

Mount Kilimanjaro


Life … No one said that it was easy … Are you satisfied with your life and who you are? Are you living your life to the fullest possible? In this hectic crazy world it is very easy to lose sight of what is important. Many people have lost their self-esteem and self respect. With the economy creating havoc in many peoples lives is it any wonder things are the way they are. There are so many people unemployed, many have lost their homes and families as well – and after losing all they had, they may also end up losing their most precious possession – themselves. For many it is easy to give up, after all it is tough losing everyone one cherished and ‘loved’. We’ve all heard the expression: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. So I have to ask myself and you, are you tough? Do you have what it takes to tough it out? It is easy to give up and quit, but quitters never win. Do you want to be one of the quitters? I expect not, but life does throw us curves from time to time, the question really is how do we handle them? Here are some suggestions for you to consider before you throw in the towel. Ponder these ideas and see how you can change and improve your life …


Do you know your purpose? …. Everyone has a purpose. Can you believe that, or do you see yourself as wandering through life with little or no direction? Are you hoping that things will work out, that you will find happiness, that prosperity will come knocking at your door? If you can find your life purpose you can turn around any situation ailing you at the moment. There are enough stories of people near the brink of total disaster or ruin who have found a purpose and turned it all around to become a success.

Do you know what your personal values are? …. What is it that you value above all else? Do you know? Is it security, family, success, freedom, or just being happy? What is most important to you? If you do not know then how will you reconcile them to your purpose? Your purpose and values need to be aligned. Make a list of your values and compare it to your purpose.

Do you know what your needs are? …. Have you been to busy taking care of everyone else that you have neglected yourself? Do you know what you need, or are you just satisfying everyone else? It is time to start taking care of yourself. It is time to ‘Believe In Yourself’.

What are you passionate about? …. Is there anything that you are passionate about? Find a bigger cause than yourself and get involved. There are many places where you can volunteer your time or services and by doing so you will get a better sense of self worth.

Are you living 100% on the outside instead of living from your heart? …. Are you so busy looking outside that you have forgotten to go within? Perhaps you’ve heard the cliche, ‘go within or go without’. Do you take any time to sit quietly and listen to what is going on inside? Or are you like a leaf floating in the breeze? Take time to listen to your heart.

Do you honor your skills? …. What is it that makes you who you are? If you are not sure, then ask those close to you, you might be surprised what you hear. By sharing what you know and what you are good at you will increase your sense of self worth and self confidence.

Have you ever given of yourself and served others? …. We are all part of humanity, living on this planet as individuals, yet at the same time as a family. Have you ever given back to the family, or to the planet? By giving of yourself you become richer in ways you have never thought possible. Try it and see for yourself.


So the bottom line is, regardless of your circumstances, or situation, there is always hope. There are countless ways you can improve yourself and those around you. You are a child of the universe, there is not another one exactly like you. If you do not ‘Believe In Yourself’ – no one else will. Find your purpose and light your light so that everyone may see … Life … No one said that it was easy …


Take a Deep Breath ... Feel The Peace