The Passage Of Time …

Grand Canyon

We all reach a point in our lives where at some point, we question how much time has passed us by. Where has life gone? Life can move very quickly. Take the time to figure yourself out. Take time to realize what you want and need. Take time to take risks. Take time to love, laugh, cry, learn and forgive. Live life with no regrets. Life is shorter than it often seems.

Every once in a while take the time to assess your life and make the necessary positive changes that may be needed. Be honest with yourself,  because the one thing that you cannot alter – is the passage of time.

Here are some some points that I have used, that have helped me realize how important life really is, and how some simple changes can make your life more enjoyable …

This moment is your life. Our life is not between the moments of your birth and death. Your life is between now and your next breath. The present – the here and now – is all the life you ever get. So live each moment in full, in kindness and peace, without fear and regret. Do the best you can in what you have in this moment; because that is all you can ever expect of anyone, including yourself.

A lifetime isn’t very long. This is your life and you’ve got to fight for it. Fight for what’s right. Fight for what you believe in. Fight for what’s important to you. Fight for the people you love, and never forget to tell them how much they mean to you. Realize that right now you are lucky because you still have a chance. So stop for a moment and think. Whatever you still need to do, start doing it today. There are only so many tomorrows.

The sacrifices you make today will pay dividends in the future. When it comes to working hard to achieve a dream – earning a degree, building a business, or any other personal achievement that takes time and commitment – one thing you have to ask yourself is: “Am I willing to live a few years of my life (like many people won’t), so I can spend the rest of my life like many people can’t? Anyone can do it. However, first and foremost you must – ‘Believe In Yourself’.

When you procrastinate, you become a slave to yesterday. But when you are proactive it’s as if yesterday is a kind friend that helps take a load off your back. So do something right now that your future self will thank you for. Trust me, tomorrow you will be happy you started today.

Failures are only lessons. Good things come to those who still hope, even though they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they’ve tasted failure, to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt. So never regret anything that has happened in your life; it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. Take it all as lessons learned and move on with grace.

You are your most important relationship. Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval. You must first have a healthy relationship with yourself before you can have a healthy relationship with others. You have to feel worthwhile and acceptable in your own eyes, so that you’ll be able to look confidently into the eyes of the people around you and connect with them.

A person’s actions speak the truth. You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times; but in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. So pay attention to what people do. Their actions will tell you everything that you need to know.

Small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. Smile at people who look like they are having a rough day. Be kind to them. Kindness is the only investment that never fails. Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. Learn to give, even if it’s just a smile, not because you have too much, but because you understand there are so many others who feel like they have nothing at all.

Behind every beautiful life there has been some kind of pain. You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You’re human, not perfect. You’ve been hurt, but you’re alive. Think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breath, to think, to enjoy and to chase the things you love. Sometimes there is sadness in our journey, but there is also a great deal of beauty. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting for us just around the corner.

Time and experience heals pain. Experience is what defines us. We will have good times and we will have bad times. What may seem like a major painful event in your life right now will one day be part of your much larger past and not nearly as significant as it seems.

It is important to realize that life truly is a gift. Learn to enjoy it to the fullest. Live your life for you and only you – no one else. Make your own choices, it will bring you the happiness that you deserve. You will have no regrets. You will have no fear. You will ‘Believe In Yourself’. You will embrace the passage of time …



Your Hidden Energy …

Hidden Energy


The Aura … We all have it but do we understand what it really is?

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism and object in the universe. You are essentially enveloped in an ocean of energy – a universal energy field that is intelligent and alive. Your body is composed of this energy and your individual consciousness interacts with it continually. Gaining a greater understanding of this energy field and becoming more aware of the connection between body, mind and spirit will assist you in your own process of personal growth and help give you mastery over your actions, thoughts and attitudes.

The aura is often referred to as ‘subtle energy’. It is not as noticeable as your physical body, but it is there. Although you may not be able to see the aura, you can experience it. Have you ever been around someone where you felt a light, open quality to them? That is positive energy. Conversely, have you ever been around someone where you felt a closed, dark quality? That is negative energy. Essentially, what your are experiencing is the quality of their energy field. You perceive it through their body language, the brightness or dullness in their eyes, the clarity or confusion of their minds and by the things they say or do. Think about how you feel when someone gives you a warm smile – there is a warm glowing feeling that comes over you. Also, you are more likely to reciprocate with a warm smile yourself. This is a positive exchange of energy. This energy exchange is part of every interaction you have with every living creature. It is the life force exchanged between us.

In order to understand how to ‘Believe In Yourself’ you must make a conscious effort to be around positive not negative energy. When someone in your life never has anything good to say about you, controls you, never supports you in any way shape or form and does not believe in you – remove them from your life. With this constant negativity you will never be able to truly grow as a human being and they will literally suck the energy from you. I’m not saying that you suddenly become rude with this person (it could be a loved one), I am just suggesting that you learn to control your own life. We are born to make our own decisions. We just have to be given the opportunity to do so. Choose to surround yourself with positive energy. Make an effort to be around people that are caring, supportive, loving and that possess a true appreciation for life and the people and nature around them. Surrounding yourself with this type of energy will allow you to become the person that you are destined to be. Learn to use your hidden energy to do the things that make you happy. Always be positive not negative. When you truly ‘Believe In Yourself’ nothing will seem impossible. You will develop a sense of confidence and well being. Your aura will burn brightly for everyone to see. This will be your hidden energy …



Always Have Faith …

Skydiving In Nevada

Never allow yourself to get discouraged and think that your life is insignificant and you cannot make a change.

You will not have a sense of accomplishment unless you have defined the purpose of your life.

Do not forget that you are a very special person and only you can fulfill the purpose to which – you were born to accomplish.

Never quit … Never give up …

Always ‘Believe In Yourself’ … Because you can set your heart and mind to do whatever you want to do … Always have faith.



                              (Calm, Relaxed … Ready To Jump)

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple


Sometimes we have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be.

KEEP IT SIMPLE! … In life there are times where we can be our own worst enemy. Try not to over analyze everything. The answers are usually right in front of us, you just have to open your eyes.


Why complicate life?


Missing somebody? ……. Call them

Do you want to meet up? ……. Invite them

Do you want to be understood? ……. Explain yourself

Do you have questions? ……. Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t like something? ……. Say it

Like something? ……. State it

Want something? ……. Ask for it

Do you love someone? ……. Tell them


We just have one life … Don’t complicate things … Believe In Yourself … KEEP IT SIMPLE


Always Chase Your Dreams …

Believe You CanFocused


Do you have a dream? Always chase your dreams … Believe in who you are and what you are capable of … When you ‘Believe In Yourself’ you have confidence and you have focus. There is no fear of failure. You will never quit. You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to do. If you fall down, get right back up. When you give 100% in everything you do, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did the best you could. If you don’t try, your only fear will be in knowing that you didn’t follow your heart and your passion in whatever you wanted to do. When you feel like giving up, think of all the people that would love to see you fail. You are only as strong as you allow yourself to be. Never get discouraged. Never give up. Consistency and dedication is the key to success. Never let fear come between who you truly love, what you want to do and who you want to be … Many people can be responsible for your success, but only you are responsible for failure … ‘Believe In Yourself’ … Stay positive. You can do it … Look to the heavens. Always chase your dreams …


SB - ACC #65


          (Picture from ‘Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser Tour’ at the ACC in Toronto – Sept 15, 2013)

Never Say Never …

Never Say Never


Believe that you can and you will .. Believe in who you are and what you are capable of .. Never give up.


Are you having a tough time with something in your life? Hang in there. I can help you. It may not be easy. It may take some hard work. There may be pain, there may be tears. When you succeed it will be worth it. Together we will raise our arms in victory …


Let’s get started. You must first realize that you are not alone. No one is immune to having to face challenges. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be embarrassed. If you can’t do it alone, ask someone for help. That is an important step in becoming mentally stronger … Have you ever been faced with a situation that you feel that you can never resolve? Whether it’s at your place of employment, your home, your personal life or in your athletic endeavors – you can solve any problem and achieve success. NEVER SAY NEVER. At some point in the various journey’s we embark on in our lives, we get to a point where we have all had the sense of giving up. Sometimes we give up before we even start. At other times we give up just before we are about to make that huge break-through that we have been putting so much effort in to achieve. Don’t quit! Whatever you want to succeed at, there is nothing that you cannot do. Have faith in who you are. It’s time to take control of your life and continue on the road to mental toughness.


Here are some guidelines that you can follow. They are a list of reasons why you should never give up and why you will NEVER SAY NEVER


–    As long as you are alive, anything is possible … Keep trying until you finally succeed.

–    Be realistic … The chance of mastering something the first time you do it is not always possible. Everything takes time to learn and you will make mistakes. Learn from them so that you can do better.

–    Stay positive … Most of your successes will come through your failures.

–    You are strong … You are stronger than you think. One little setback is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals. Neither are 10 or 100 setbacks. Remain focused.

–    Prove yourself … You don’t want to be known as someone that is weak and gives up. Go out there and prove who you are to the world as well as yourself. You CAN and WILL achieve what you set out to do. The only time that you can fail is when you give up. That will not happen!

–    Has it been done before? … If someone else can do it then so can you. Even if it is only one other person in the world that has achieved what you have set out to achieve, that should be reason enough for you to never give up.

–    Believe in your dreams … Never sell yourself short. In life you are going to meet many people who will try to bring you down and tell you that what you want to achieve is not possible. Stay away from that type of negativity. Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams.

–    The importance of your family and friends … Let the people you love and who mean the world to you be your inspiration to persist and persevere.

–    There are people worse off … Right now there are many people who are in a worse situation and environment than you. Are you thinking about giving up running 5 miles a week? Think about people who can’t even walk and how much they would give to be able to run 5 miles every day.

–    Improve our world … When you achieve whatever you set out to achieve you can use your success to make a difference in the world or other people’s lives.

–    Face your fears … Don’t take the easy way out by giving up.

–    Let the haters hate … There will always be plenty of naysayers and people who try to tear you down. Don’t pay attention to them and don’t take what they say to heart. Let the haters hate and continue believing in yourself.

–    You deserve to be happy … Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have success. Keep that mindset and never give up until you reach your destination.

–    Inspire others … Be an inspiration to others by refusing to give up. Who knows what someone else can achieve because you never gave up and in turn inspired them not to give up. Use your experience to help others.

–    You are so close … Often when you feel like you want to give up and you are about to give up you are very close to success. Sometimes you are only a heartbeat away. Have faith in yourself. Go the distance.


Whatever you chose to do in your life you must understand that you may have to fall several times in order to succeed. Be a fighter. Don’t stay down, get right back up. Face your challenges with courage and dignity. Be proud of who you are. Have confidence in knowing that – You can do it! Start by being around people with positive energy and avoid those with negative energy. Follow the guidelines listed previously, regarding never giving up. They will provide a template on how to remain on track. Stay focused and stay strong. You will persevere. You can achieve whatever you set your heart and mind to do. You have mental toughness. Always ‘Believe In Yourself’. Never quit and NEVER SAY NEVER!


Good Run!Believe In Heroes





The Power Of Music

Listening To TunesI Love Music


Have you ever been walking down the street and something you see or smell triggers you to remember an old song? Have you ever walked into a store and a song is playing that you haven’t heard in years? For the rest of the day you find yourself humming or singing that tune. You can’t get it out of your head. The music can bring out a variety of emotions. Emotions of joy or sadness. That is THE POWER OF MUSIC.

Music has a special power to move us and stir our emotions. Anyone who has ever wiped tears away from their eyes listening to their favorite song will understand how powerful simple notes and cords can be.

Now, scientific studies have shown that music really can change our mood and has many healing properties. Music can provide a wide list of benefits for the mind and body.


So what benefits can music bring?


Everyone reacts to music in different ways. One individual may love heavy metal for example while another may prefer classical. Whatever your preference, a 2011 research study at McGill University in Montreal, showed that listening to pleasurable music could help eliminate a bad mood. It was found that listening to enjoyable music of any description induced ‘medical chills’, which triggered the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine. Doesn’t that sound great? Totally natural and drug-free! That’s THE POWER OF MUSIC!

Some people listen to music to help boost up their day, while others may use music to purge any negative feelings. Music may also help you concentrate better. It is also helpful in reducing your stress and anxiety. Music has also been used to assist patient’s recovering in hospitals. Studies have shown that music can help lower your heart rate, blood pressure and help relieve pain, anxiety and improve quality of life. The bottom line is – you can’t go wrong with music … Everywhere you go there is music …

You can even use music while you exercise. I love wearing my portable music when I train because it helps put my mind in another dimension while I do my long runs. However, I must advise you to be careful when exercising outdoors in the rain. I have fried two portable units this summer from getting caught in downpours. Not good. I was not happy.


What kind of music do I listen to?


I love music. I have quite an eclectic taste in music. Music has helped me out at different times in my life. In moments of joy and in moments of sadness. Music always find its way into my heart and will forever have a place in my soul. After having gone to hundreds of concerts in my life time I can go from the driving sounds of heavy metal all the way to opera. I love the arts. I can appreciate talent – whatever the genre. It depends what mood that I am in.

When picking your music try to be diverse. Pick the music that helps you feel upbeat and positive. Use music as a tool to get you through the many emotions of your day. You will notice that you will feel happier and be in a better mood. Whatever your music of choice is – crank it up! Feel THE POWER OF MUSIC … You deserve it …


Dreamchaser World Tour


One of my favorite artists, Sarah Brightman, is beginning the North American stage of her World Tour this month in Hamilton. I will be having the good fortune of seeing her in Hamilton, Toronto and Tampa Bay during the tour. I am very excited. Her music has helped me on many occasions when I have had to deal with a variety of emotions. She has a voice that can bring me to tears within seconds. The voice of an Angel from the heavens. Anyone that has heard her sing ‘live’ can attest to that. If you are not familiar with her, click on the following link. It is the song ‘Angel’ from her latest album entitled ‘Dreamchaser’ … Enjoy!


Sarah Brightman – ‘ANGEL’



Are You Still Not Convinced? … Here Are Some Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For You!

Yoohoo #2


What is exercise? Exercise is also known as physical activity. In simple terms exercise is any movement that works your body at a greater intensity than your usual level of daily activity. Exercise raises your heart rate, works your muscles and is commonly undertaken to achieve the aim of physical exercise.


How can exercise help you?


Exercise can help you in a variety of ways. Here are some reasons why everyone should enjoy the benefits of exercise:


Helps elevate your mood ….. Builds self esteem ….. Keeps your mind and body fit ….. Boosts your immune system ….. Reduces stress ….. Improves skin tone and color ….. Has anti-ageing effects ….. Improves sleeping patterns ….. Helps prevent strokes ….. Improves joint function ….. Improves muscular strength ….. Alleviates anxiety ….. Sharpens memory ….. Helps to control addictions ….. Boosts productivity ….. Boosts creative thinking ….. Improves body image ….. Gives you confidence ….. Helps keep you focused in life ….. Improves eating habits ….. Increases longevity ….. Strengthens your bones …. Strengthens your heart ….. Improves posture ….. Prevents colds ….. Improves appetite ….. Improves cholesterol levels ….. Lowers (risks) of certain cancers ….. Lowers high blood pressure ….. Fights dementia ….. Eases back pain ….. Lowers risk of diabetes ….. Decreases osteoporosis risk ….. Reduces feelings of depression ….. Prevents muscle loss ….. Helps with self-control ….. Increases energy and endurance ….. Increases sports performance ….. Lessens fatigue ….. Increases pain resistance ….. Improves balance and coordination ….. Improves oxygen supply to cells ….. Improves concentration ….. Increases sex drive ….. Makes life more exciting ….. Improves your QUALITY OF LIFE …..


Set Some GoalsYes!!


It is quite clear to see how exercise can help everyone. Now it’s time for everyone to get moving! To find a suitable level of exercise for your body, start gently and slowly increase the intensity and the length of time that you exercise for. Know your limitations. Exercise should challenge your body and be at a greater intensity than your usual level of physical activity. Don’t overdue it because you may suffer in the morning for it. However, don’t be shy about getting hot and sweaty for your workouts. Your aim should be to gradually increase your activity levels over time. As your body adapts to meet the new challenges that you set for it, your routine will become easier. When it gets easier it is time to increase the exercise intensity or try something new. Choose a type of exercise that you will enjoy, that way you are more likely to continue doing it on a regular basis. Whether it is walking, running, swimming, yoga or any other activity – just go out and DO IT! Personally, ever since I have begun my extensive training regime, I look forward to running in the rain and other nasty elements. It must be my TOUGH MUDDER experience coming through. I have some of my best times when no one else would dare go outside. Believe it or not, that is where I find my peace. The key is to find something that you enjoy doing and follow your passion. Remember, you don’t only live once – you live everyday – you only die once. We all have every reason to exercise. Live life to the fullest. Always ‘Believe In Yourself’. Have faith that you can do it and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.



Picking Up The Pieces …

The Grand Canyon


We have all been there at one time or another. Everything is going well … At work, at home and in our everyday lives. You feel healthy, your partner loves you, the family is well, you are stable financially. Then suddenly, life throws you a curve ball. Things begin to fall to pieces … You then feel this strong desire to scream at the top of your lungs. Life begins its never-ending cycle of disappointments and achievements. We always presume that each of us are capable of getting back up every time life kicks us to the ground, that is far from reality. Sometimes it really hurts being in a situation that you have no control of, and making decisions that seem completely unfair to you will definitely find their way into your life. Regardless of the tough issues that you may face, it’s getting back up and moving forward that counts the most when you need to deal with hardship. You have to develop – ‘Mental Toughness’.

Mental toughness involves learning to be able to adapt to life’s misfortunes and setbacks. When you have mental toughness, you harness inner strength which helps you rebound from setbacks or challenges. When you lack this important attribute, you will begin to dwell on problems, feel victimized, become overwhelmed or turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse.

Being mentally tough involves the ability to roll with the punches. When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, you still experience anger, grief and pain, but you’re able to keep functioning – both physically and psychologically. The aspect of being mentally tough is not about just ‘toughing’ it out, being stoic or going alone. In fact, being able to reach out to others for support is a key component of being mentally tough. When you are going through a dark time in your life, you will find out who your ‘true’ friends are. Never forget that and always realize how special those people truly are.


There Is Only One way ... UpKeep Moving Forward


In life, whatever the circumstances … Always look up. Be proud of who you are.

Developing mental toughness offers protection from various mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Being mentally tough can also help offset factors that increase the risk of mental health conditions, such as lack of social support, being bullied or previous trauma. This can also help improve your ability to cope.


How can you develop mental toughness?


These tips may help you … They have definitely helped me …


–    Get connected … Building strong, positive relationships with loved ones and friends can provide you with needed support and acceptance in both good times and bad. Try and establish other important connections by doing volunteer work or getting involved in your community. It is also good for the soul.

–    Make every day meaningful … Do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose everyday. Set goals to help you look toward to the future with meaning.

–    Learn from experience … Think back on how you’ve coped with hardships in the past. Consider the skills and strategies that helped you through rough times. You might even write about past experiences in a journal to help you identify both positive and negative behavior patterns – and guide your behavior in the future. It is always therapeutic to get the negativity off of your chest.

–    Remain optimistic … You can’t change what has happened in the past, but you can always look toward the future. Accepting and even anticipating change makes it easier to adapt and view new challenges with less anxiety.

–    Take care of yourself … Tend to your own needs and feelings, both physically and emotionally. Participate in activities and hobbies that you enjoy. Include physical activity in your daily routine. There is truth in the statement – “A healthy body equals a healthy mind.” Physical fitness has saved my sanity and my life – many times. Get plenty of sleep. Eat a healthy diet. To restore an inner sense of peace or calm, practice stress management and relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation.

–    Be proactive … Don’t ignore your problems or try to wish them away. Instead, figure out what needs to be done, make a plan and take action. Although it can take time to recover from a major setback, traumatic event or loss, know that your situation can improve if you actively work at it.


Life can indeed be quite challenging. You never know what it will present to you … To quote Jim Morrison of the Doors: “No one here gets out alive”… Always look at experiences – both good and bad – as education in life. You will always have good days and sometimes you will have bad days. Develop the skills of mental toughness to help you cope with those moments of negativity. It takes time and practice. Rely on your loved one’s and friends that are there for you in good and in bad. Be there for them as they are for you … Always ‘Believe In Yourself’ … You will get through it. Remind yourself that you are not alone. When you begin to open up after you feel that the world has been closing in on you, you will discover how many others have faced the same challenges …We all have a purpose. We are all survivor’s … Remember this, ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ is really not that bad. Take it one step at a time. Stay positive. We learn from our experiences. They make us stronger. They develop our ‘Mental Toughness’