Having A Tough Time Staying Focused?

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The long hot, humid days of summer. The countless hours working, with not enough time for yourself. There never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Are you having a tough time staying focused?

On numerous occasions, I frequently get asked about how I maintain such a high level of intensity, when I do my physical training. The answer is quite simple. I love what I do. My passion is health and fitness. After being involved in physical fitness my entire life it is indeed a pleasure to be constantly learning everyday. To be successful in fitness and other important endeavors, you have to be a student of life. You have to learn how to take care of yourself. This is a never ending process. As we get older the challenges of life can make that more difficult. Nevertheless, it is important to make time for yourself. Make time to train, time to eat and time to rest. Anytime you begin a new training regime or rekindle an old one, you go through moments of drive and motivation. Sometimes, the stress of life can get you off track – and your fitness, health and nutrition can suffer for it. It’s time to take charge of yourself to ensure that you stop it before it begins.


Here are some tips that may help you stay focused:

–    START NOW. Get back on track by recommitting yourself to a healthy lifestyle – today!

–    PLAN each meal. This will help you make better food choices and re-establish your focus.

–    EAT HEALTHY. Make vegetables and fruits your friends.

–    DRINK WATER like it’s become your new job. Concentrate on remaining hydrated at all times.

–    KEEP A JOURNAL. Keep a daily log of your training, meals and calories. This will help you stay regimented.

–    REMIND yourself how far you have come. Be proud of your accomplishments.

–    MOVE! Go out and start sweating. Run, swim, roller blade, ride the bike. Do whatever helps you feel active.

–    DO NOT let a bad week turn into a bad month. If you have a bad day, re-focus and make the next day better. Develop good habits before the bad habits have a chance to surface.

–    BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. When you develop inner confidence you will learn to respect the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

–    REPEAT this tomorrow.


Life can indeed present some difficult challenges. As we get older, we are faced with a variety of different types of situations that can create stress and negatively impact our lives. Never forget that you have to take care of yourself. There is truth in the saying: “A healthy body equals a healthy mind”. The best way to alleviate stress is through exercise. Set the foundation and develop good habits so that you can face any challenges that may come your way. Always stay focused on the importance of staying healthy. Enjoy the time you spend training – alone or with friends. Understand the benefits of eating healthy. Learn to make better choices. Make health and fitness your passion. You will definitely feel better for it.





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