Sometimes, You Have To Dig Deep …


Is the winter getting you down? Do you find yourself swearing out loud in frustration? Don’t worry, you are not alone. As the temperature drops, so does our activity level and our exposure to the mood enhancing Vitamin D. This leaves us open to experiencing the winter blues. However, for some, the winter blues take on a different meaning as they battle a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. If at any time you ever feel that your depressed moods are seriously affecting your life, please consult with your Physician for assistance and proper diagnosis.

SAD is a mental health condition affecting between two and six percent of Canadians. The figures are probably higher because most people do not report that their mood is adversely affected by the long, cold winter months.


*    Fatigue, decreased motivation

*    Increase in sleep

*    Feelings of hopelessness

*    Anxiety

*    Social withdrawal

*    Decrease in physical activity

*    Weight gain

*   Changes in appetite

*   Difficulty concentrating

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You don’t have to suffer … IT’S TIME TO SNAP OUT OF IT!! … Let’s fight off those blues …

Whether you are diagnosed with SAD, or are simply trying to fight off the winter blues, there are many things that you can do to help yourself. In fact, regularly engaging in these activities is not only sound self-help measures, but may also help prevent the development of more serious mental issues.

–    Engage in regular physical activity. Exercise sends endorphins to the brain that activate pleasure. Regular physical activity has been shown to elevate serotonin levels, one of the hormones in your brain responsible for mood.

–    Go outside. Not only will the fresh air be invigorating, the Vitamin D from the sun on your face will help boost your mood.

–    Spend time with friends. Laughter and emotional connections with others can help to stave off feelings of sadness and depression. Laughter also naturally boosts production of the hormone serotonin. The benefits will help you in the long run.

–    Get a massage. Not only is a massage good for your muscles, it is also good for your soul. Touch activates serotonin and will naturally boost your mood. It can also help decrease feelings of anxiety and pain management.

–    Recall positive thoughts or memories. Remember, spring is just around the corner. This will help boost your mood. Try to avoid all negativity as  this will lead to depressing thoughts.

The bottom line is that when winter is here, we have to deal with it the best that we can. Always dress warmly and try to stay physically active. Remember, the body that you shape in the winter will be the one that you present in the spring. Why not spend the time to get in the best shape that you can – NOW? …  Focus on that. It will help you stay driven to succeed as well as help the winter months go by … Sometimes, you have to dig deep inside yourself … Find that inner strength. You can do it. You have what it takes. Stay positive. Before you know it, spring will be here … Always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and appreciate those around you who love and respect you for who you are …

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