Sometimes … You Have To Learn To Be Tough


We’ve all been there. We meet people in our lives that bring us happiness and we also meet those that bring us sadness. Life is a learning experience. Sometimes, we have to learn how to avoid those individuals that are simply not good for us. It’s important to treat everyone that we meet with the utmost of respect. All that you should expect, is respect in return. Friendships should be a two way street. If you find yourself doing everything in a friendship, that person does not deserve to be in your life. The same goes for intimate relationships. Your partner should also be your best friend. If he or she is not – they will never truly appreciate and respect who you are. However, you never know what is going on in a person’s life. Don’t be to quick to judge. Never be afraid to give them the chance to smarten up. A true test is when your own life does not go as planned and you are either suffering from an illness or having a tough time. Those that are TRUE friends will be there for you – no matter what the circumstances are. They do not judge who you are, they are only there to support you.

Sometimes … You have to learn to be tough. Who cares what a ‘negative’ person says or does. If someone wants to be disrespectful to you and talk behind your back – who cares! Pray for them. The only reason that they do it when you are not around is due to FEAR. Their own fear. They are only hiding from their own insecurities. Surround yourself with ‘positive’ people. They will help you grow both emotionally and spiritually.


Here are some guidelines that may help you become both emotionally strong and mentally tough:


–            Don’t ever beg for attention

–            Never allow others to bring you down

–            Don’t hold grudges

–            Never stop doing your own thing

–            Never stop believing in yourself

–            Be careful of who you let into your life

–            Never be afraid to love

–            Never lie in bed dreading the day ahead of you

–            Don’t ever be afraid of slowing down

–            Don’t ever do anything that you don’t want to do

–            Never have a problem saying ‘NO’

–            Always remember to give back

–            Don’t ever feel the need to ‘fit in’

–            Remember that happiness is a decision – YOUR DECISION!


Yes, sometimes … you have to learn to be tough. Also, you have to become smarter. Keep your circle tight. Only allow those that care and respect you into your life. You will be much happier for it. As long as you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – anything and everything is possible … You just have to be patient and find what you are looking for …


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