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Have you ever been walking down the street and something you see or smell triggers you to remember an old song? Have you ever walked into a store and a song is playing that you haven’t heard in years? For the rest of the day you find yourself humming or singing that tune. You can’t get it out of your head. The music can bring out a variety of emotions. Emotions of joy or sadness. That is THE POWER OF MUSIC.

Music has a special power to move us and stir our emotions. Anyone who has ever wiped tears away from their eyes listening to their favorite song will understand how powerful simple notes and cords can be.

Now, scientific studies have shown that music really can change our mood and has many healing properties. Music can provide a wide list of benefits for the mind and body.


So what benefits can music bring?


Everyone reacts to music in different ways. One individual may love heavy metal for example while another may prefer classical. Whatever your preference, a 2011 research study at McGill University in Montreal, showed that listening to pleasurable music could help eliminate a bad mood. It was found that listening to enjoyable music of any description induced ‘medical chills’, which triggered the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine. Doesn’t that sound great? Totally natural and drug-free! That’s THE POWER OF MUSIC!

Some people listen to music to help boost up their day, while others may use music to purge any negative feelings. Music may also help you concentrate better. It is also helpful in reducing your stress and anxiety. Music has also been used to assist patient’s recovering in hospitals. Studies have shown that music can help lower your heart rate, blood pressure and help relieve pain, anxiety and improve quality of life. The bottom line is – you can’t go wrong with music … Everywhere you go there is music …

You can even use music while you exercise. I love wearing my portable music when I train because it helps put my mind in another dimension while I do my long runs. However, I must advise you to be careful when exercising outdoors in the rain. I have fried two portable units this summer from getting caught in downpours. Not good. I was not happy.


What kind of music do I listen to?


I love music. I have quite an eclectic taste in music. Music has helped me out at different times in my life. In moments of joy and in moments of sadness. Music always find its way into my heart and will forever have a place in my soul. After having gone to hundreds of concerts in my life time I can go from the driving sounds of heavy metal all the way to opera. I love the arts. I can appreciate talent – whatever the genre. It depends what mood that I am in.

When picking your music try to be diverse. Pick the music that helps you feel upbeat and positive. Use music as a tool to get you through the many emotions of your day. You will notice that you will feel happier and be in a better mood. Whatever your music of choice is – crank it up! Feel THE POWER OF MUSIC … You deserve it …


Dreamchaser World Tour


One of my favorite artists, Sarah Brightman, is beginning the North American stage of her World Tour this month in Hamilton. I will be having the good fortune of seeing her in Hamilton, Toronto and Tampa Bay during the tour. I am very excited. Her music has helped me on many occasions when I have had to deal with a variety of emotions. She has a voice that can bring me to tears within seconds. The voice of an Angel from the heavens. Anyone that has heard her sing ‘live’ can attest to that. If you are not familiar with her, click on the following link. It is the song ‘Angel’ from her latest album entitled ‘Dreamchaser’ … Enjoy!


Sarah Brightman – ‘ANGEL’



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