Toronto Tough Mudder – Are You Tough Enough?

Ready To RockThe Aftermath

Before The Mudder                          After The Mudder


The Toronto TOUGH MUDDER was held up at Mount St. Louis Moonstone this past weekend. It definitely redefined TOUGH. After several days of rain the 11 mile course was completely MUD. The arctic temperatures and biting wind definitely woke you up when you emerged from the multiple water obstacles. The mud made your shoes feel like concrete blocks. Mudder’s are definitely tough! I am proud of all the participants that came to make TOUGH MUDDER what it truly is – one of the toughest events on the planet! Many thanks to all of the volunteers because without them the event could not be a success … For those that are counting – this was my 13th TOUGH MUDDER!!

Check back soon, I will be posting my full Toronto TOUGH MUDDER synopsis …

P.S. By the way, my ‘After The Mudder’ picture above was a set-up … Ha! Ha!


Dirty!Look Out Below!

Totally Awesome! … You have to love it!!

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