Tour in Las Vegas


My World Tour 2013 kicked off in Sunny Las Vegas this weekend. The Tough Mudder was held about 120 miles outside Vegas in Death Valley. Race time temperature was a searing 40C. The course length consisted of 12 miles with 25 military obstacles. I completed the course in 2:45 minutes with the help of a triathlete from Wisconsin – that helped pace me. The months of training on land and in the pool really paid off. I ran the hills like my cat ‘Deuce’. At the end I was not tired at all. Although, the ‘Electro Shock Therapy’ did knock me out slightly. My carb consumption and hydration was perfect. I am proud. My conditioning was superb. I had it down to a science. Not bad for an ‘old man’ … Today, I will be heading to a nearby hospital to spread some cheer and the importance of why you have to ‘Believe In Yourself’. After that, it is a total relaxation day. A light workout to loosen up (the only things not sore right now are my sideburns). Then, a trip to the Aria spa for a much needed massage. Followed by some lounging at the Aria pool. Of course, plenty of eating. I had my customary post Tough Mudder – Haagen Dazs – yesterday. Yummy! … I love this city! … Stage one of my tour is almost complete. There is still much more work that has to be done. So far, mission accomplished … Thank you to all of you that believe in me. As always, ‘Believe In Yourself’ …

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