The Importance Of Rest And Relaxation

How do you sleep? Is it hard for you to get a good night’s rest? Rest and relaxation are basic necessities.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They are as fundamental to your health as exercise and proper nutrition. If you are like many people, though, you don’t get enough. Over time, your body is paying for it. The negative aspects of not enough rest and too little sleep can create many problems. Some of these problems may include making it more difficult to concentrate, impatience with others, difficulties in relationships and less productivity at work.

Benefits Of Rest And Relaxation

ThorWhen it comes to your health, it’s important to make sleep and relaxation a priority. Many of us lead very busy lives. Each day we have a long list of tasks that we feel the need to complete and then with whatever time is leftover, we sleep or relax. I am sure that most people have heard the expression – “There are not enough hours in the day!” Well why not try this: Reverse the order. Set aside adequate time for rest and relaxation and then see how many of the tasks on your list that you can complete in the time that you have left. The results may surprise you.
There are many reasons why relaxation and a good night’s sleep are important to your health. Here are a few important one’s:Fred
–    Slows your heart rate, allowing your heart to work less
–    Reduces your blood pressure
–    Increases blood flow to your muscles
–    Slows your breathing rate
–    Decreases muscular tension
–    Helps reduce signs and symptoms of illness, such as headaches, nausea and pain
–    Gives you more energy
–    Helps improve your concentration

Want Better Sleep? Here Are A Few Tips …

If you are having trouble sleeping, by making simple changes in your daily routines, sleep may come easier. Here are a few suggestions:
–    Stick to a sleep schedule … Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day,Deuce
     including weekends.
–    Follow a bedtime ritual … As the evening progresses, slow the pace of your activities
     before bedtime.
–    Exercise regularly and remain active … Physical activity enhances deep and refreshing
–    Create a comfortable sleep environment … Try to keep your bedroom quiet, dark and
     comfortably cool.
–    Don’t eat too close to bedtime … Having a full stomach will engage the digestive
     process, stimulate insulin production and may prevent a restful sleep.
–    Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol … Caffeine is a stimulant that can prevent you from
     falling asleep. Alcohol can cause shallow sleeping, restlessness and sleep disruption..
–    Don’t ‘try’ to sleep … If you have trouble sleeping, read a book, listen to music or watch
     television until you feel drowsy.
These are just a few suggestions. Ultimately, just like developing a program for exercise, rest and Simbarelaxation are acquired skills. Avoid the use of medications to obtain sleep. They can not only be harmful but habitual. Study your life patterns, your nutritional habits. Make adjustments if necessary. Many people lead hectic lives. Find the time to rest and relax. You will not only feel better, you may live longer.
Please Note: We can learn a great deal from our furry friends. It would be hard to argue that they have not mastered the ‘art’ of rest and relaxation.

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